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All our Tree-houses are made to last with pressure treated timber legs and the frame ,With the legs dug in to the ground and concreted into the ground so it will not blow over .Call to our yard and see the full range available or ring us for more information on 0402 34703

Tree Houses

You dont need a tree to set up tree houses in your garden

All you need is a clear area of grass or even hardcore .We can put up your tree houses in most ground conditions .We will dig the holes to put the legs of the tree house and put concrete in around them  .Be sure to check where you are putting the tree-house that you are not blocking a window or  a view of your house or your neighbours .It is better to stand back and have a look before we arrive to put up your play house .

Some of our tree houses are very big and might not suit in a small garden  .If you call to our yard you will see our display and get a better idea of what you are getting .

10x10 delux tree houses on 16x16 deck

10×10 delux tree houses on 16×16 deck

10x10 delux tree houses on 16x16 deck

10×10 delux treehouses on 16×16 deck








                                                   Tree houses

All our tree houses are made to the highest quality standards  and are made with top quality timber  And with safety in mind in everything we do .The swings sets  and the  stairs or ladders can be arranged any way to suit the way your garden is facing   .The size of the shed part can also be made to suit you .All the posts on the tree-house and the swings are dug into the ground and concrete put around the posts  .

6x6 delux tree-house and swings

6×6 delux treehouse and swings

6x6 delux tree-house and slide

6×6 delux tree-houses and slide










This is a picture of a tree-houses designed and fitted  for a customer .It  shows what we can do when there is options that you might have seen similar elsewhere  .We can make anything to suit your needs and can fit anywhere .

dormer den tree-house

dormer den treehouses

Tree house with swings and slide

Tree house with swings and slide








                                     Standard treehouse with swings and slide

The treehouses do not all have swings and can be done on their own .You can also add a slide at a later stage or if you have an old slide ,This might be able to be used on the treehouses.


Tree Houses

Abbeylawn Manufacturer  all types  of Tree houses to suit your garden . We make from Quality timber and have put a lot of time into designing a strong Safe tree house .

Treehouses with Swings,Climbing Frame  and Slide.

tree houses for sale

Tree-House With 2 Swings and Climbing Frame.

6 x 6 Delux Shed on this Tree house with 6 x 4′ veranda to the front .  We also have a 2′ x 2′ landing on the top of the stairs for safety so a child does not fall down the stairs or slide .         The legs of the tree-house and swings are dug into the ground and concreted in so it will not blow away or the swing will not get loose in the ground.  This Tree-house can come with or without the swings and slide ,and they can be added on to a later stage

This complete tree house we have on special offer supplied and fitted in Leinster area for €1550 . We also can supply and fit the tree house on its own for €1050.

The Economy Tree Houses.

small tree houses for sale

Small Tree-House (economy Type ).

This is a Tree-House that will suit in even a small garden The shed is 6’x4′ with a 30″ veranda    and about 30″ high off the ground .           It is not designed to go in the ground but we can make any way or size to suit  .                    We are doing a special price on these  tree houses.

Flat pack collected €550.00 Fitted (leinster )     €650.00.

Other sizes and designs are available.We make all the buildings ourselves so we can customize.

If you call to our yard you will see all the options on display. Or ring us on 0402-34703 / 34986 .

Tree Houses for sale and Dormer Dens

Dormer Den Tree House.

This model of Tree houses are made with a 6 x 8 Dormer Den shed   and a 4 x 8 veranda on the front With a proper stairs up to the platform with handrail on both sides.The floor is designed in a way that the water that lands on the floor can not get back into the shed part under the front of the shed.

tree houses supplied and fitted

dormer den treehouse

The floor is 4′ high approx depending on ground conditions .With the legs dug into the ground and concreted in so there is no fear of blowing away.

This tree house can also have a slide or swings attached for more fun.Or can even be added at a later stage.

The inside of the shed has a loft with a ladder up to it.It also has a railing across the front to stop a small child from falling off it.The ladder can be taken away at first if you have very small children and just put in place at a later stage.


Dormer Den Tree-house with slide.

Dormer Den Tree-house with slide.

tree house for sale

Dormer Den Tree-house.









6×8 Tree houses with Swings and Slides.

This is the 6×8 delux tree-houses  with swings attached to side and it also has monkey bars across the top of the swings.

tree houses for sale


This tree house is made with the barrel board timber but can also be made with the Delux or weather board timber .

The swings on this swing has a tire and a baby seat but normally comes with 2 timber seats .Our swings normally are made with chain for extra strength.The design can be altered to suit your garden.

All our tree houses are strong and safe .If you call to our yard we have a tree house with swings and slide on display.Or ring us on 0402-34703 / 34986.